Of bad news relationships.

This all came about because I was listening to Diamonds by Rihanna. When the video ended, I switched back to YouTube to replay the song when I noticed her video for We Found Love was on the suggested video list. I kind of like that song. And her video with Drake (whom she totally needs to be with instead of Chris Brown) for What’s My Name was pretty good so I clicked on it.


The reason I like music videos is because I like to see how the musician (or director) interpreted their own song in a visual way.

This was NOT the video I was expecting. With a great beat and basically the only memorable lyric being “we found love in a hopeless place” I expected a cute-sy video like Will proposing to Emma on Glee.


I mean, it starts off pretty cute until the pills start dropping. Literally. There are copious shots of prescription pills dropping like white plates in Adele’s Rolling In The Deep video. And I’m pretty sure there’s a shot of them shooting heroine.

This as a single instance is neither here nor there.

But it reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift’s video for I Knew You Were Trouble. Which reminded me of a personal rap favorite: Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna…oddly enough).

Can I tell you some secrets, internet? 1) I love all three of these songs. 2) No one can spit Eminem’s raps faster than me…except perhaps Eminem himself. 3) I secretly love all three of these music videos.

Just like I secretly love the harrowing memoir of James Frey where he, quite descriptively, battles addiction to drugs and alcohol…I love me a good volatile relationship music video.

Maybe because on the outside these situations are the furthest from my real life. Or maybe subconsciously I think they’re my life? (someone stop me from psychoanalyzing myself, please).

But what I really think is that I blow things out of proportion. If I’m struggling to get the lid off the ketchup bottle or I’m having a bad day it CLEARLY is the same as Frey’s lifelong substance abuse issues. Clearly. I feel your pain, man.

Not to make light of these situations though. Super volatile relationships and ANY addiction, even to good things like working out, are never mentally/emotionally (or physically) healthy.

I won’t launch into my memoir here (hitting a bookstore near you never because that’d just be a load of bosh, wouldn’t it?) but with anyone’s life, I’ve had my extreme highs and super low lows…which all three of these videos kind of show, just in the arch of a relationship instead of an average life.

And that’s probably the real real reason I like these videos (even though all three end pretty badly).

Watch all three below and let me know your thoughts on them.

Happy really really late Thursday night! xx

P.S. Love The Way You Lie has really explicit language in it…so if that’s bothers you…skip it, silly.

We Found Love

I Knew You Were Trouble

Love The Way You Lie