And by that I mean Hannah Hart’s drunk kitchen since I hardly ever drink.

Here’s the Super Bowl edition of MDK: (fair warning: she makes inappropriate jokes and swears a lot…which is half of what makes these funny):


For more, here’s the whole playlist.

I’ve never laughed so hard at food puns.

And then last night while on a quest to find Rachel Ray 30 minute meal videos I stumbled across Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals. WHAT?! 15 minutes?! I’m all about food safety and preventing food borne illness so I’m a little skeptical. But I love cooking (read: I love eating) so this week in my attempt to make my life the best life possible, in addition to working out twice a day every day, I’m adding “learn two new healthy, fast dishes…with the food you already have.” Because let’s be honest. Just like I stockpile toilet paper, Lysol wipes, and Sharpie pens…I stockpile most basic fresh foods, frozen veggies, dry goods,  etc. etc.

I’m not sure if this counts as a “new” dish as much as a “I really want Chipotle but don’t want to drive/pay for it so I’ll make my own burrito bowl” dish. It usually just consists of all veggies and chicken (and I pay $6.25 for it…what the heck) so today I’m going to blacken some chicken (I’ve done this before but since I eat meat so rarely it was ages ago). The result is below:


Now I’m off to eat. Have a happy Sunday!

P.S. If you’re looking for a recipe it’s this: grab some chicken. Spice it up (I used onion, garlic, pepper, paprika, and lemon), fold it in some wax paper and pound it down with a mallet, throw it in a super hot pan for a minute on both sides and then chuck it in the oven at 375 for however long you like (and by that I mean I like my chicken really blackened so I put it in for 30 mins but you can put it in for as little as 15 I believe).