There’s a quote from Wreckers that I probably shouldn’t quote on the blog but the gist of it is that you always return home.

That can probably go two ways. Either “no matter how far you go, you always come home.” Yay. Happy. But depending on your past, returning home might not always be a good thing. In the context of the movie…not so good.

So today when I went back to my old primary school it was weird…I felt like David.

I won’t go as far as to say that I’ve been trying to avoid my old school since I left 4.5 years ago but I haven’t made an active effort to go back either.

Nothing’s changed and everything has changed. The art on the walls hasn’t changed. The library hasn’t changed that much. But the teachers have QR codes on their doors for their email and phone numbers.How much they’ve advanced since I left!

It wasn’t like a flood of nostalgia washing over me (that would have been debilitating) but I felt very…adult like. Here I am with my designer hand bag and my stylish trousers walking the halls the made me.

Weird? So weird.

I’m not doing a very good job at articulating this but I felt like it was something worth mentioning. And also the closest thing that resembled a topic I could use for NaBloPoMo.