When I got back from England, life was great. It was the holidays and I was home and everything was hunky dory.

And then sometime in January it hit me in the face…the fact that life kept going on around me even though I was stuck in happy post-England land. I needed a job and a car and a life again.

Cue the depression. The endless days of nothingness where all the things that usually entertain me even seemed boring.

Cue the feelings of having your heart ripped out and the longing for traveling again.

Around February I think I started to pull myself up by the bootstraps and face reality. I won’t be traveling to Europe anytime soon. I won’t be traveling at all, unless I gas up my car and go for a road trip (which is just scary to me).

And then I got the job I currently have. And they told me I could travel again. And my life was changed.

I’m happy again. I didn’t think I’d get to travel anytime soon…but I knew it was a possibility.

Until a few weeks ago when I was invited to go to New Orleans for 12 days, for work.

Apparently the gaping hole in my heart was big enough for God to see because he gave me this job and this opportunity.

Life is just…beautiful.