The last time I wrote here was in December about looking ahead to 2017. My plan was to refine my life and everything in it. There’s so much that brings me happiness and I do believe it is possible to do and have it all…at a cost. But with shifting priorities and life progressing (all good things) it’s time to really step back and figure out what the rest of my 20’s will look like *gulp*.

When a job opportunity recently came to me, I took it for so many reasons besides “I want something different”. I’m not unhappy in the work I do today…in fact, I adore place I’ve worked at for the last few years. I truly believe these people are my people! But for reasons too many to list here, I decided to leave.

This was all truly unexpected but it comes at a good time because there’s some clubs I’ve been meaning to step back from for a while…and some I mean to ramp up my involvement. There’s some friends I’ve been meaning to see more (including my parents) and some personal goals I’ve been meaning to reach for for ages.

You can look at it like I’m spring cleaning my life and starting a new year at the same time and honestly…I’m scared like you wouldn’t believe. For a person who adapts to but doesn’t enjoy change, there’s A LOT of changes happening that make me balk. Am I making the right decisions? I’m so happy now, will I be just as happy in the future? What is the risk here? What is the reward?

I haven’t been able to answer my questions, despite many sleepless nights and lists weighing pros and cons. But my heart and my gut tell me I’m doing the right thing for me for right now. And even if everything falls apart and fails miserably…which I wouldn’t let it…I can at least be at peace with the fact that I did what felt “right”.


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