This has nothing to do with North & South except for this line:

One minute we talk of the colour of fruit, the next of love. How does that happen?

So yesterday I talked of what love is. Or at least what posters think love is. And today. I have to talk about good intentions. In the most vague sense ever.

Sometimes you do something with good intentions, yeah? You pick something up off the floor and return it to someone’s desk only to get a “I put it there on purpose!” thrown back in your face. (This hasn’t ever happened to me, by the way, but I think it proves my point).

Now think of that on a more elevated level that involves more people than just yourself.

No good deed go unpunished. Apparently so.

Will that stop me from doing kind, courteous things in the future? Probably not. But man. Don’t you just feel like crap when you you tried to avoid feeling like crap?

Tuesday…I’ve officially assigned you the #whatever hash in my mind.