((I wrote this 2 days ago and didn’t want to update it to preserve it’s integrity))

Internet. I have a confession to make. Tumblr is where the fandom lives. And it’s where my soul goes to live and die.

I’s not necessary to reiterate all my sentiments on Sherlock Holmes (search the Sherlock tag on here and you’ll find out…) but in 48 hours he’s returning.

After two years.


If I had a child, it would go from infant to toddler in the time Sherlock was on hiatus.

*sigh* doesn’t even do it anymore. It’s more like *sobs*

Actually crying, internet.

At the start of August the BBC released a 26 second trailer for the new season. The longest glimpse at the new season to that date. Watch it below.

I watched it on my phone as soon as I got home from work. And yes. There was crying. I cried. The “I can’t breathe” kind. The “hold me” kind. I called my sister to tell her to watch it but instead sat on the phone gasping for air like a fish out of water.

After 03×01 was screened at the BFI earlier this month, spoilers were rampant on the internet (as I knew they would be) so I had to go on a self imposed social media blackout in case I stumbled upon anything.

It’s been a dark time in my life, internet.

But with his return this week I thought I’d come out of hiding for a bit to celebrate Sherlock’s resurrection. Or at least the joke-y part of the waiting the fandom has done.

((There be swears and questionable joke-y stuff in the content below. Obviously not meant to be offensive but…just in case you don’t have the same sense of humor as me…or a sense of humor at all…I’d stop here.))

Before we were even given a bone to chew on during the great hiatus…the fandom started to go stir crazy…


But we didn’t stop hoping and waiting. (I love that all other internet fandoms have unanimously declared the Sherlock fandom “the fandom that waited.”)


I saw this whilst scrolling through my feed in the McDonalds drive-thru. (Yes. I like McDonalds. Try not to judge me too harshly.)

Andrew Scott came out…

Even Andrew Scott

And Twinkies came back…


Then the first official photo was released….



The fandom spawned this….

I love you, fandom. I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled so hard over something like I do over Sherlock. It’s been the longest, deepest, love I’ve had for something (not counting real relationships, of course).

Only a few more days.

Much love, xx

**A/N: All media is linked to original sources so if you click through you can enter the amazing world I live in most of the time. But besides the images used in this post, I can’t tell you what you might find on their websites. Could be dangerous.