At the start of September I had this genius idea to do a “Last Quarter” goals list instead of my usual monthly list.
I neeeeed a solid checklist, apparently.

On top of my Autumn Goals, here are some more specific goals:

To Do:

– Client work. SO excited to do some designs in the Art Noveau style this month!
– Plan my vacation! November will creep up….
– Decide if I’m moving. No seriously. I need to lock this down.
– Make fall bunting for the mantle/fireplace
– Make an editorial calendar for the blog and do some shoots for it
– Figure out what the heck I want to do in terms of design on the website. Changing it or not?! (And do I even have the time to do so?)

To Don’t:

– Spend money. My closet cannot physically hold any more clothes.
– Worry about Fred, the spider hiding in my car. Just let him go and pray he dies and doesn’t lay eggs or go all Shelob on you.

That’s it! Short list but I actually want to be able to cross everything off, ya know?

Whatever your October (or) fall goals are, good luck!