SOOOOOO I realized I’ve written so many posts on self improvement in 2015 that I’ve just tagged them all Best Year Ever. (I really AM convinced 2015 can/has potential to/will be my best year yet).

Here’s one more thing I’m adding to the list:

Eliminating useless thoughts.

I s pend a large portion of the day in thought. (Sometimes, like now, I spend time thinking about how I over-think). It’s annoying at best and at worst, I get trapped in my own mind and can’t speak or express myself. Sometimes I’ll start to, then I’ll re-think what I just thought and close my mouth again. It’s frustrating and makes me literally want to scream just so I know I still have a voice.

At any given time WHAT exactly I’m thinking about shifts. (Over the weekend I spent a solid chunk of time thinking about all the different color sets I could come up with in my mind).

But here’s the thing. Going along with my goals of being present, I need to give up useless thoughts to make room for actual, important things I need to be thinking about.

For example, I spend some time during the day thinking/worrying about  if my boyfriend is dead because I haven’t heard from him in a while or wondering why I got left off/out of XYZ.

These things have NOTHING to do with me. Thinking about the doesn’t change anything and is just eating up time I could be thinking about my website launch or side projects I have going on.

You have to be just as stingy with your time as you are with your thoughts. 

So on top of trying to be present and stay focused on any task at hand, when my mind is able to multitask and has room to think of something else, I’m going to start forcing it to drop useless thoughts and pick up relevant ones.