Almost. I left home on September 14 for England, so it technically hasn’t been a whole year since I left…yet.

I thought now would be a good time to psych myself up for a new project: “This Day, One Year Ago.” Following the advice of so many before me, I kept a daily journal when I was in England. Sometimes it was arduous and seemed like more work than worth…but I’m so glad I did.

The one major flaw, was that when I traveled on longer journeys…I didn’t take my journal and thus missed documenting major trips…like Rome and Paris. (Thank goodness I was/am picture happy….I took a picture about once every 2 minutes so I can basically piece together my journeys, step by step.)

So here we go.

A lot has happened in the last year. So much. But I still consider my time abroad the best…the happiest…time of my life.

I’ve quoted North and South before on this topic, but it’s worth quoting again:

Try as we might, happy as we were, we can’t go back.”

The past is a funny thing in that there are parts of it that when looked upon, make us cringe. And then there are parts that light up our worlds. The past holds all of our best and worst moments in life. And yet there it all is…gone. It’s all passed.

We can’t get the good times back…I will never get England back. It breaks my heart to have to face this reality but for the next four months Im going to take a trip down memory lane.

Walk with me?