A long time ago I posted about how I stay organized at work with Microsoft products (OneNote and Outlooks Mail/Calendar). Although I’ve switched jobs since then, I basically keep the same organization system going. Like 90% of companies these days use Windows and Microsoft products so…there you have it.

How I stay organized in my PERSONAL life is a much different matter. I use a complex system of:

As I’ve been watching a lot of “my 2015 planner / home binder” videos on YouTube lately I thought I’d talk about how I keep my life organized, one digital product at a time.

Note: I used to be a physical pen and planner JUNKIE when I was in college….I still have evidence…but since my life is less planned these days and changes so rapidly, I have to be much more flexible and fluid with my plans and to-dos so I switched to digital organization to avoid buying a lot of erasers. (And if I’m being honest, I hate pencils anyway).

Let the games begin.