It wasn’t until today…or sometime this weekend when I was out East in York that I realized I’m living other people’s dreams. I follow this blog on tumblr called “perfect bucket list” and it’s just photos with people’s bucket list items…and a lot of them involve either meeting someone famous or going/doing something in the world related to travel…a lot of the things I’ve already done too. It reminded me how fortunate I am. I’m living someone else’s dream…and these people may never get to realize that dream. But I am..even though it’s not my dream. And then it reminded me of something my roommate told me…”Every day that we’re alive, we’re living the dream.” Coming to England and traveling was, at one time, my dream. In fact, on my list of Life Goals (my “ultimate” 5-item bucket list) is “See the World.” I think being so close to going home, I’ve lost sight of that dream. I’m so focused on getting home and getting a job and moving on with my life that I’m forgetting to stop and enjoy everyday…every second…here. I’m in England.

Here are some of those Tumblr pics I mentioned:(I haven’t technically been to top of the Eiffel Tower and I haven’t yet gone to the Trevi Fountain but it’s planned!)