(I hope you’ve come to the same realization that I have: I blog about whatever is on my mind. Lately: fashion. Which means this entire blog really has no point. I hope you can appreciate that.)

Dating back to the early 1900s, the Peter Pan collar has traditionally been a staple in both little girls and grandmas wardrobe. It’s sweet and innocent and also classic. I bet you’ve seen it:


Hey Mrs. Mertz!

But when I was living abroad I saw it EVERYWHERE in England. Maybe I’m remembering that wrong but I’m pretty sure all I saw was peter pan collars, oxfords, and sock buns…all three of which I’ve incorporated into my wardrobe now.

Here are two fabulous chiffon blouses I picked up early last year for $30 each at Charlotte Russe. My favorite part about them (although not pictured) is that they button up the back with a seam the same color as the collar.

Mint and Creme Chiffon

Pink and Navy Polka Dot Chiffon

And then an idea came to me to make a collar to just wear on top of blouses.

Unfortunately it wasn’t original because you can find these on Etsy on the cheap. Coline Design sells them between $17-$34. I’m obsessed with this skyline design (although I’m not sure what you’d wear it with?)


Beige Satin Collar

Anywayyyyyy, striken by the need to get my craft on one every weekend, I decided to make my own with felt, fabric glue, ribbon (black because my hair is black) and of course….GLITTER. You can find patterns online to follow but I cut mine specifically to my preferences (it took a few tries!)

And a friendly tip if you use glitter on anything, ever…spray two or three coats of maximum hold hairspray over the top to keep the glitter from falling off. No one wants a glittery disaster on their hands.

Kassey Sikora

The finished collar and a fun spring dress from F21.