The list of excuses for why I haven’t been shooting as much lately can go on and on…but at the end of the day it really comes down to:

I have all this photography equipment. A camera that hasn’t done me wrong yet. And a love for capturing moments.

So why haven’t I been capitalizing on it lately?

But it’s my favourite time of year (more on that later) and it’s time to stop doing things that aren’t necessary and start doing more of the things I love like photography and reading.

To jump start this (and Lent!) I’m going to participate in a photo challenge. I know, I know…how many things have I started on here and never finished? ….basically everything. But it’s always with good intention so here goes one more thing.

There are a few weekly or monthly challenges from some of my favorite places….

Gizmodo // The Daily Post // I Heart Faces

And then there’s the standard daily challenge from a variety of sources (just search it on Pinterest and boom).

I’ve chosen The Idea Room‘s March list for no particular reason other than the fact that it came up early in the search results and it looks like many people participate (probably for the same reason). The list is below:


I’ll probably post all the pictures to my Instagram account and eventually start an album on facebook (more on that later).

If you come across any good photo challenges…let me know. With the warm coming I have an inkling it’ll be attached to my hand again soon.


– K