Here’s a list of things I’m going to make a priority:

Cooking // I actually LIKE to cook even though I’m not that great at it. But in the evenings I usually just put it off in favor of working or something else. (Cooking a good meal sometimes takes me over an hourrrr).

Reading // Reading is often the dead LAST thing I put on my list if I have time because it’s my FAVORITE thing. And I always feel guilty doing my favorite thing first when other things (like dishes, ew) need to get done.

Photography // I haven’t picked up my camera and gone on an adventure in ages. But we’re in that perfect weather period where it’s not too hot out (when it gets too hot out my skin get all funny and sunburned and I get grumpy). It’s the PERFECT time to start my Bridges of Cleveland project!

Organizing // Slightly less important and less fun, but still something I’ve been meaning to make time for but never have.

Blogging // I generally make time for this but my website/business never take priority. They’re not important but I just want them to be…things. Real things. On the internet.

That’s it! The first three are actually important things, the last two are just things. But I need to make time for them all. Because when you lose sight of the things that matter most to you, life gets boring. It’s not your life filled with things you like and want to do. It’s just a life filled with things you feel you have to do.