There are some things I’ve always done…like always scrolling through my Twitter feed until the last time I scrolled through my twitter feed. That way I don’t miss any news.

But sometimes, if I’m MIA from Twitter for a day or longer, it takes a long long time to scroll through my feed. A whole days worth of tweets to look at!

But then I realized, there are so many other things I could be doing instead of that. I could be reading magazines (which I always guiltily put last on my fun things to do list which means I rarely ever get to do it!) or watching a cooking show.

Sure, I get a little anxious putting off a “task” (reading Twitter) but sometimes…you just gotta do whatever you want. I don’t HAVE to read all of my tweets. I don’t HAVE to reply to emails as soon as I get one. I don’t HAVE to go to the grocery store every time something runs out.

If you do all the things you feel you HAVE to do, or because you’ve always done something, it leaves very little time for things you WANT to do. Things that add to the person that you are.

Just do you.