If there ever was a time to be Cry Baby Blue…now isn’t that time. In fact, there will never be time for that again in my life (because the general trend is moving up and up).

I think I knew my days of fannying about ended as soon as I got on a plane back to America. Bought a new car. Got an amazing job. Left my amazing job for another amazing job. Got my own office (for now). Became a property owner (…erm…renter…)

Bills. So many bills. Too many bills for someone who’s newly minted 23 (thanks, utilities, for being all through separate companies…and by thanks I mean get stuffed).

I have 2 couches. Whattttt. I have drapes and fireplace with a mantle!

All things I expected out of my life. The more, the younger, the better. I want the world right now.

With all of that comes a lot of me questioning whether or not I’m making the right choices for myself. I know I am. But…honestly…no one wants to bugger their life away! I’m like the cowardly lion….”Put ’em up!” *runs away and hides behind tree at first loud sound*

Bring it, life. I’m 3C7. Find me.

P.S. Wasn’t I trying to tie things to travel once upon a time? Pshaw.