I was reading Oprah’s October issue about quirks and what makes you unique. In it, they questioned a lot of people on various quirks and off-beat habits which got me to thinking about my own.

The two biggest quirks I can think of the moment:

– EVERYTHING in my house runs on the FIFO (first in, first out) methodology. It ensures: proper rotation of things that need to be rotated (flatware, dishes, glasses, etc.) and ¬†that nothing sits around for too long (non-perishable food, Lysol wipes, shampoo, etc.) No length is too long for me to go when trying to accomplish this. Even if there’s only one clean glass that needs to be put away, I’ll take all the others out of the cupboard and put the clean on in the back.

– When I was an infant I received a stuffed sheep that had a wind-up music box in it. The sheep would play music and it’s head would move. Because of this feature, you essentially could never wash it. Flash forward almost 25 years and I still have that sheep. On my bed (or sometimes tucked in my closet when people are over…shhhh) And yes…sometimes I do talk to it.

(Here’s what the original sheepy probably looked like…photo courtesy of google images)