I was recently going through a folder of old notes written on scraps of paper, napkins, and magazine corners that I sometime wanted to either blog about or file away as a memory when I found this gem written on legal paper:

“20 Random Things About My Time in England”

#20 – Just being. there’s nothing I loved more about England than the ability to just be. I mean…I had to go to class to keep my visa,  but really I was the master of my destiny. Eat, sleep, study, travel…all at my discretion. Wanna take a walk to Ruff Woods and shower halfway through the day? Sure, why not. Never before, and not once since I’ve returned, have I had such liberty with my life. To be a good traveler you have to be a good planner…but not once in the time I was there did my life feel as planned and set as it does now. And I miss that.

It was a perfect storm of factors that made me feel that way…it was my last semester in college, I was effectively done with all my classes before I even got to England, I had money, no bills, no debt, and no job to worry about. I was literally the epitome of care-free. When I first got back I was still in that perfect hazy state but eventually I got a job, moved out, the bills started rolling in, and life just started to become…what it is now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life now…I couldn’t have imagined it would be this close to perfectly amazing back when I was in college. I have a job I adore, a boyfriend who loves me most of the time (excessive crying and all), a perfect little slice of heaven I call my apartment, and as cliche as it is, a very bright future ahead of me.

But sometimes when I stumble upon these little mementos and reminders of my time abroad I get a little nostalgic.

Still love and miss you, England.