It’s 2:55pm and I just realized I finished my unofficial afternoon tea. Unofficial because until about 5 minutes ago, I didn’t even realize that I have afternoon tea and biscuits (cookies) daily.

To really top it all off, though, is the fact that I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes, the original canon, in the afternoons too. How very English (read: I miss England).

The tea isn’t quite the same here though. It’s in a bag, I have to use half-and-half instead of cream, and my brown sugar isn’t shaped as cubes. Worst of all…I have no cute tea set. No cute pot and cups and saucers and strainers and cream canisters and sugar holders…

(I want this one, featured on BBC’s Sherlock, selling for as high as 65GBP)

(I quite fancy this one too…)

Anyhow, my point is that once you’ve eaten pizza and spaghetti in Rome…once you’ve had crepes in Paris…once you’ve had biscuits and chocolate in Germany…once you’ve had tea in England…it’s never the same again. (Will post nice album of food pics later.)