As our alma mater starts.

I was recently talking to a co-worker about uni and it got me to thinking about my days at Ashland. (Good one, alma mater!)

Not many AMAZING things  came from my time at Ashland but three really good things did:

3. I met my roommate! Jeanne and I didn’t know each other until college but she quickly became one of my best friends and we stayed roommates for the 3 years we were both in uni together. We definitely have different personalities (like the odd couple) but I still consider her on my closest friends. (And still call her “rooms” haha).

2. I had an amazing run with the Honors Program/Honors Society. I went to the National Collegiate Honors Conference twice,  lived on the honors floor, was the president (and former treasurer) of the Honors Society (during which time I amended the constitution) and sat on the Honors Advisory Council. It was more than a leadership role for me. It literally was my life.

But the thing I’m MOST grateful for…the thing that made my days at Ashland memorable to begin with, was…

1. Working in the Global Education Office for 2.5 years (including the summers). Spring of my Freshman year I was looking for a job (on top of working in Public Relations and the dean’s office) and saw that the GEO was hiring two interns. Even though I’d never left the country before, I was a Spanish major who wanted to study abroad in Spain so I applied, interviewed, got the job, and started one of the most amazing journey’s of my life. I met great friends (before, during, and after studying abroad), got to use my marketing skills, and was encouraged to follow my dreams (thanks for all the life chats, Rebecca). Obviously I ended up studying abroad but…fun fact…I had originally planned to go to Scotland! I even applied and was accepted until I changed my mind last minute and switched programs.

And that, internet, is the short version of what I remember of my days at Ashland!