Is that the sound of the entire world shaking it’s head at me? I think it might be.

Over the past week(-ish) I’ve been throwing myself into developing a website that will most likely, thank sweet baby Jesus, beta launch tomorrow.

The great part? I’m designing and coding a lot of it myself. Geeky past time coming to light. The bad part? I find myself staring at the computer until the wee 4 or 5am hours of the morning, sleeping until 8am, and then repeating the days processes. It’s a brutal schedule.

To keep sane, as always, I like to listen to some jams.

Some of them are embarrassing which is why the world might be shaking it’s head at me. I thought I’d share the 5 songs that have been on replay for me while I work on this dastardly website:

  1. Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk : I’m not usually up on current music since I almost always listen to podcasts or Adele in the car but the “Top Hits” Pandora station is educating me. I feel hip!
  2. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson : Seriously? I mean, seriously. How can you NOT bob your head to this song. Always tempting to get up and do a toe stand or card dealer wrist flick.
  3. Ho Hey – The Lumineers : More mainstream! But this is one of the cutest songs out there right now. “I belong with you. You belong with me. You’re me sweetheart.” Nothing spreads a huge grin on my face faster than this song.
  4. Midnight City – M83 : This might be stretch for some folks but I LOVE electronic rock. It’s okay to judge me on my love of synth music.
  5. My Way – Frank Sinatra : I’m thankful my parents let me listen to 90s pop when I was a kid but I’m more thankful that they themselves listened to classic voices like Dean Martin (not so much Sinatra but I love his voice). This song is ridiculously inspiring.

Filler Tracks: Anything Mumford & Sons or Adele.

And now you know what I listen to for hours on repeat while I bang my head on my desk trying to figure out lines of code. I’m open to suggestions for new stuff though!

Have a great Holy Week this week, all.