There’s a lot going on in life lately, besides the normal things (making time for friends, work, and keeping the house running).

Between prepping for my conference talk in June and working on a client website redesign/rebrand…I decided to throw caution to the wind and decided to join the AIGA Cleveland chapter’s board of directors as the blog chair.

Being busy is a double edged sword. Doing a lot of different things helps me to avoid burnout. But at the same time, ugh, all I want to do is crawl into bed and read. You know?

Anyway, as we’re officially in the second quarter of the year I thought I’d revise my 2016 goals because…let’s be honest…I wasn’t even paying attention to the pages and pages of goals I ‘d written at the start of the year.

This time I’m doing quarterly goals. Some of them will roll up into yearly goals (things I just can’t accomplish in a quarter) but most will be achievable by the end of June. I’m still following my six categories for now (health, finances, personal, business, relationships,  career) but that’s subject to change because achieving six BIG goals every quarter sounds kind of like…..hard. (And I’m trying to make achieving goals as easy as possible).

So here goes. Here are my goals for this quarter including any applicable action steps. There are also some definite, one time, things (D) on this list that I just need to get done this quarter so I’ve put them in the appropriate categories.

April 1 – June 30 Goals

Health / Fitness

  • Weight 110 lbs
    • Go to the gym 5x a week
    • Make a weekly meal plan



  • Make 5 new valuable connections (new friends, coworkers, etc.)
  • Plan 1 special thing for me and V



  • Get monthly spend to $400 or less (not including rent and car payments)
    • Evaluate recurring expenses
  • Have $X in savings
    • Evaluate savings plan and budget



  • Finish 1 speaking gig (Alreay booked, need to put it together!)
  • Do 30 creative exercises
  • Be an active AIGA board member
  • Listen to 1 Creative Live online course



  • Earn $X freelancing
    • Update website
    • Update LI, TW, FB, IG profiles – delete unused profiles
  • Launch client website



  • Visit/photograph 1 Cleveland museum
  • Go to 2 area events
  • Spring clean digital/web things
  • Spring clean the house


The only two things on this list that might be more difficult than the others are earning freelance money and losing a bunch of weight. Otherwise I feel like all of these goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).