Although I hate to use the “juggling balls in the air” analogy, I feel like I am, internet.

Yesterday, I literally had to make a “to do” item on my Wunderlist to remember to put trousers on after I finished baking my fruit bread. (There was no logical reason for why they had to go on after the fruit bread was done and not before…I just forgot).

I’m not scatter brained when I have lists. But without them…I am. So I guess I am naturally? Ugh. I don’t even know.

I have a list of things to do.
A list of things to follow up on (basically to-do’s that have been done)
And a list of done and followed up on things. Just for future reference in case I try to add them to my to-do again. (I don’t really need to pay my electric bill twice and make sure it’s been posted to the bank).

But with work, average life (chores, making dinner, etc.), social life (hahahahahahaha who are we kidding), and side projects that I’m trying to keep alive in 2015….PLUS trying to stay “balanced” by cramming in time to read and do things I actually enjoy (although most of the things I enjoy like photography tie in to other areas of life)…I’m feeling a little…busy lately.

In a good way though. Not in a “I want to go away and sleep for a month” way like I used to feel.

I feel excited. Optimistic. Needed. Useful. Inspired.

I also feel jittery because I’ve had about 10 cups of coffee a day for the last two weeks.

Ahhhhhhh *runs around in circles* I need a hampster wheel with a standing desk in it.