Feelings, internet. I have them. Shocker, I know.

For whatever reason these last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling really sad. Not sad about any one particular thing and if someone makes a joke I’m always quick to laugh. So I know I’m not really reallllyyyy sad. Or maybe I am deep down inside? I can’t tell.

It’s not at a point where it’s affecting my work…in fact, I tend to throw myself into my work even more when I’m sad…but it comes and goes in waves where my mind blanks out and for no reason I want to burst into tears.

I have on a few occasions.

Since I had a good cry on Easter (unwarranted after a not-sad dream) I thought that’s all I’d been needing this whole time and I’d go back to normal again (because a good long hard cry is sometimes all you need to set you right again) but last night and today I’ve still just been feeling kind of down.

All I want in this world is to have fair weather like yesterday and a whole weekend with nothing to do but go on adventures with my boyfriend. A combination of factors not easily come by these days.

Do you ever feel this way, internet? Sad for no reason?

I have an educated guess or two as to what’s up but still…I’m sad. And I want to be happy again.