Just a short little post on something that came to me while driving home….

I hate following people when I’m driving. So much so that I’ve been known to take slower, longer, crap roads to avoid people. In fact, if the vehicle is larger than the size of a smart car, I’ll probably divert (I don’t like passing unless it’s on the highway and the roads I drive home are just busy enough you can’t pass).

Anything bigger and I get annoyed…

You’ll hopefully understand my anger, then, when I’m forced to follow trucks or, God forbid, semi’s home. It’s quite the long drive, folks! If you were driving an hour and a half (one way) just to get home, you’d get bored and tired of breaking every three seconds and going 10 under the speed limit instead of your usual 10 over.

Imagine, then, my dismay when I had to follow this little paddy wagon home. #annoying. Mostly because I think they’re either carrying chain-gang criminals or kidnapped children.

“That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang.” – Sam Cooke

I was behind this criminal-carrier starting on the highway. A few minutes in I realized that I’ve followed this…vehicle…before. A few times before actually. Then it became a mental bet…is this the guy who lives at XYZ? I’ve seen his little paddy wagon go there before. I followed him for approximately 35 minutes (1/3 of trip home). Sure enough, he DID live where I thought he did. Sad that I notice these kind of things?

But then as I was following him, I started to get really happy that I’d followed him before. It made me feel not so alone in my commute to and from work. Granted, I bet this guy drove far less than I did but at least for 35 minutes a day, I have a travel companion and I got to see him arrive home, again, safe and sound.

And that, my friends, made me really happy.

The vehicle in question.