It’s 6:09 PM while I type this.

I’m in an old t-shirt.

In bed.

In front of the TV I moved into my bedroom a few weeks ago. (Which I’m 100% against and have never put in my bedroom before in the years that I’ve lived here).

Internet, seasonal depression is real. This is what it looks like.

For some reason my mind just can’t adjust to it being 5:30 and dark. I just want to rush home, take a shower, eat, and go to bed, stat. (At least during the week, on the weekend I’m normal).

I have a laundry list of things that need to get done (including laundry!) but instead I just feel like I can’t be more than 3 feet away from my cuddly bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll start packing and really get myself in gear and set for the coming month.