Whelp. It’s September 3rd so I already feel like a failure because I’m posting this two days late.

But September is here. Back to school month for some. The beginning of the slow descent into winter for me. (sobs)

Maybe it’s the impending doom of being stuck inside again and having to wear double-jacket that has lit a fire inside of me to just…work. I’ve been so motivated lately (and it’s weird).

So here’s what’s in the pipeline for September:

  • Finish conference presentation for early Oct
  • Finish two design courses AND various design exercises
  • Create 3 branding boards (and refine a final one!) for a friend’s business
  • Finish “administrative” Ab things…ordering business cards, finalizing document structures, renewing hosting and domains, etc.

Bonus item is working on the CLE Bridges project more! I want to get it done before the end of the year.