A little late on this but We Recycle Movies had declared July Sherlock Holmes month.

And assembled…Sherlock Holmes Bingo cards. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Per the website:

In order to best compare these films, I decided to create a game of my own: Sherlock Bingo! Each square has a trope of the Sherlock story, so we can tick off the various allusions as they appear. Eagle-eyed observers will notice three non-canonical additions to the Bingo cards. I added them because at this point, they may as well be canon.

These are just amazing. (Red card below; 3 others available on the website). I love when folks continually find ways to contribute to the Holmes fandom and bring it alive.

Tip of the hat for this. Well done. In September I plan re-reading the canon and perhaps delving further into the two “classic” adaptations: Jeremy Brett’s (TV) and Basil Rathbone’s (Film). Thanks to these, I’ll definitely be playing along!

Happy Sunday, xx