The good (organized, OCD) blogger always uses categories and tags to keep things together. Mostly for myself, to be honest. But this post has no tags or category…simply because it’s too random.

(NOTE: this was originally one long post of 3 topics but I just couldn’t shut up about Sherlock…so it’s now 3)

1. Sherlock in America –

There’s no shortage of blogs posts, tweets, and facebok comments already out there in the world of myself discussing my love of Sherlock. In fact, I think I blogged about it on here (twice, perhaps). I won’t re-visit that just because if you’re a non-sherlockian, it’ll be painfully boring. But tonight, in just about 45 minutes, series 2 (which is comprised of three 90-minute movie episodes) airs in America. Land Ho!

Let’s do some simple maths here. Series 1 aired in England starting 25 July 2010. Series 2 aired in England starting 1 January 2012. Series 3 won’t go into production until early 2013 if we’re lucky. How long do the English wait between series? One year, five months, and a handful of days. Can you imagine waiting that long for your favourite show to return?!

More simple maths: I started watching Sherlock in September 2011, when I got to England. There was NO way I was going to be able to wait until today, 6 May 2012, to watch season 2. Thank God I was able to get my hands on each episode the day they aired in England. So I waited maybe 2 months (probably less) between series. So waiting until summer of 2013 for it to return is like death to me. Slow, painful, torture.

But as I said, Sherlock is airing tonight in America. And the funny thing is…it’s so legit. I’m not usually one to go all “I told you so” on stuff like this but….to every American who will watch Sherlock today or in the future and who will fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch….I just want to say….I told you so. And to everyone who will jump on the Sherlock bandwagon….welcome. I’m glad you’re joining me…but please, please, don’t pretend like you love it more than I do because there are VERY few people in this world who love Sherlock more than I do. Very few.