Saturday night V and I ordered in Indian food (why have I been craving that recently?!) and had a long chat about all the possibilities of where I might live next year when my lease is up.

I could stay where I’m at and continue to pay over $1100 (more than that next year with the annual rent increase) or I could embark on a new adventure in a new city.

I know I need to…
A) Downsize (too much space = too much stuff, and also high cost to heat/cool it)
B) Pay less. Apparently I’m being effed in the rent I pay because it’s way too high.

I’ll have lived at my cozy but too big (almost 1,000 sq ft for just me!) apartment for two years in January and I really think it’s time for something new. I mean, if I move and don’t like it I’m only there for a year and I can go somewhere else.

Motivation for moving and Monday? (and just life)…