The biggest headache of my life.

Shopping is generally a very pleasant experience for me. I enjoy spending money (I also enjoy saving money and getting good deals so don’t think I spend money like a drunken sailor). But today as my sister and I flew through Media for five hours I came away with:

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog ($5 at Kohls…100% went to charity)
  • No clothes. Not a single top, skirt, shoe, or purse
  • A headache. The size of Texas
  • Aching legs (we walked a lot of places)
  • Brain freeze from the Strawberry Lemonade icee I had
  • Space bags that you can put your clothes in and then roll the air out of
  • A book for the plane ride/layover
  • Dramamine and other health and beauty items
  • A coupon holder (okay…that’s not for Europe…but I needed one)

Lucky me got to come home and start packing too. My thinking is that I should pack everything I think I need ahead of time. And then for the next 10 days live out of my two suitcases. This way I’ll know if I’m missing anything…or have more than I need. We’ll how long this lasts… (I didn’t pack my clothes yet. I have an entirely different and very large suitcase for clothes only).

I’ll try to get pictures up this weekend of my half-baked attempt at packing all non-clothing items into my smaller suitcase.