Life always goes one of two ways for me: so dull I could lay on my couch all weekend and stare at the walls……..or so full of activities and life and vibrance that I barely see my couch at all because I’m gone from my flat for 14 or 16 hours and only return to sleep.

(In these two instances I’ve realized that “couch” sounds like a substitute for “my boyfriend”)

My life lately is falling into the latter category and I’m not complaining (I wouldn’t complain if it was dull right now though either…I have some reading to catch up on).

I’ve been working on designing and partially coding two websites simultaneously…which is great fun to keep my mind sharp and my problem solving skills at their best (seriously…nerd bomber alert!) At work I get to tap into my graphic designer side…which is just amazing on so many levels and makes going to work easy. Throw in a CRAZY amount of photoshoots, ‘business’ meetings, Skype dates, and happy hours and you have one very tired but extremely happy girl. (Not to mention the fact that since I live alone I have to cook, clean, do laundry, grocery shop, and just keep my household running in general).

All of this information is neither here nor there. Except to perhaps explain my lack of internet presence not just here but basically everywhere it seems. I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth! (But…if you know me in real life…you know that I enjoy anonymity anyway so it shouldn’t be surprising).

Anyway, I’m definitely on track to crossing off a bunch of June projects and goals and it feels good ::cue Michael Buble music::

The three big items I have in my face this week are:

  1. Plan a Father’s Day weekend extravaganza with my sister. I’m going homeeeee, y’all.
  2. Cull and flag favorite picks from Sunday’s photoshoot in downtown CLE with the seriously amazing, sweet, and lovely Maria MacNamara (of The Style Letters), Rachael Novak (of Shore Society), and Jess Holdsworth. They were modeling gorgeous pieces from the Georgie & Elaine collection. (Seriously…the mint dress….drooling on myself). I was shooting alongside former co-worker turned friend turned website client Justyna Walker (whenever I get her website finished I’ll link it!) and it. was. a. blast. I’m so thankful to work with people/friends like them.
  3. Work on dishing out more website diddly doo. I got a lot accomplished last Friday night (brand boards and wireframes) so hopefully this Friday will be equally as productive. I want these websites DONE!

Whatever you have on your plate this week or this month, I hope you’re enjoying yourself as you work towards punching things out. Put on some good music. Tune out the world. Have a little laugh. (I heard some guys at work watching the battle of wits video clip from the Princess Bride today and it seriously made my day! I think I can quote that entire scene, it’s one of my all time favorite cinematic moments).

And if all else fails…enjoy this awkward family photo of the girls from Sunday in front of the CLE Free stamp.

Kassey Sikora