It’s been eight full days since we moved. Here’s a re-cap of the first week in photos:

Monday – Nov 30

Picked up the keys last Monday. Which isn’t technically a part of the first week living here but we slowly started moving things after work.

2 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4495

Um…my new kitchen. dies

3 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4498

4Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4499

Friday – Dec 4

During the day my parents helped move a few more car-loads of stuff. This was our first official night staying at the apartment and Terminal Tower sent me good vibes by doing RAINBOW for like an hour straight.

5 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9913

Saturday – Dec 5

On our last “official” day of moving, it was crazy foggy in the morning. You can’t even see the top of Terminal Tower here.

6 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9917

Before the moving started at 1, I went to the Huron Square Deli to get breakfast and read while I ate. Despite the huge mess in the background I felt oddly peaceful.

7 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9918

I broke a glass trying to break two ice cubes in half on the edge of it. But that’s okay. A plate also got broken in the move. Poor dishes.

8 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9924

That night we went out with friends. Conveniently there’s a trolly stop across the street from our place and while we waited we got to enjoy the bright holiday lights.

8.1 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9926

Sunday – Dec 6

V had to work in the morning so I spent the bulk of the day unpacking. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond as well as TJ Maxx in the evening. I got this navy and gold mug : )

9 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9931

Monday – Dec 7

I had to stop at the old place after work to pick up some left behind things. And then, pat on the back, I went to the gym.

9.1 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9948

Tuesday – Dec 8

A lot went on this day. I addressed Christmas cards in the morning.

9.2 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9956

And made myself a new lock screen for my phone because…#Beyonce

9.2 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9959

Put up Christmas decorations in the afternoon after I went to the gym (pat on the back again).

9.3 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9985

And we stopped at Home Depot, Marshalls and Target in the evening to pick up closet racks and stools for the counter.

I found this Jazzy little sweater with a REAL BAUBLE. It’s very similar to the one I got last year (also with a REAL BAUBLE).

9.6 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-9970

Wednesday – Dec 9

I can’t really remember this day but I remember waking up to the clearest skies. And I stopped at Marshalls over lunch. I didn’t go to the gym this day because my knees were aching like whoa from two days of running.

9.7 Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-4514

Thursday – Dec 10

I had an on-site client meeting during the day and after work ended up walking around town for a little bit. When I got back I did laundry and ended up baking cookies for hours (and hours).

Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-


Aughtonburgh Kassey Sikora-0001

And now we’re here! I took the afternoon off to help V with some things and then later I’m going to decorate the sad Christmas tree. (He’s sad because it’s taken so long for me to decorate him).