Spring officially started on Friday.


I also picked V up from the airport Friday night after a week in Las Vegas (which meant a week of me trying to be calm like “yeah, that’s cool, have fun” when I was really like “I can’t wait until you come home to me please don’t die while you’re there omg”). To say I’m an anxious person in these kinds of situations is an understatement and even though I tend to escalate everything in my head to a factor of 295, sometimes being apart is good and it makes you (erm…me) realize how ridiculous you are (erm…I am) being.

So the weekend came and went. Most of it was cold and imbalanced in the productive department (Saturday = literally stayed in bed all day…Sunday = literally woke up at 7 and was a powerhouse all day until midnight getting things done).

Now we’re back to Monday. Last Monday I was motivated but deflated all week as a distraction. This Monday I’m in POWER mode. It’s finally officially SPRING (*dances in joy*) and I’m feeling PUMPED UP. (You see, some people regard the new year as their new start…but I hate winter so Spring is like my New Year).

Let’s do this Monday. Let’s do this spring.