I’m in this state of mind where if I do spring things…it’ll be spring soon. Like today, I’m wearing a blouse with obnoxious neon sunglasses on it because it reminds me of sun and fair weather (and yes, I really do own a blouse with neon sunglasses on it).

Another thing I’ve been doing is “spring cleaning” of sorts. There are three areas:

  • Digital Things
  • House Things (traditional spring cleaning)
  • Web/Business Things

All of these are equally as daunting and exhausting but since I’m at a computer most of the time, I thought I’d chip away at digital things first (my house will require a whole weekend to clean it from top to bottom).

Here’s the short list of digital/computer things that needed done:

  • Organize computer folders, external hard-drive, and cloud storage (I use Dropbox, OneDrive, AND Google Drive)
  • Organize email – review filters and tags, update email signature, unsubscribe from old emails, and go through settings
  • Delete/organize iPhone apps, backup photos, and backup phone
  • Delete unnecessary programs from my laptop, run CCleaner
  • Organize/review finances are staying on track (this is more of a “life” task  but I organize it all digitally)
  • Review browser bookmarks, home tabs, extensions, and settings

There are some additional things I’m meaning to do but haven’t yet that also fall into this category:

  • Clean up OneNote notebooks
  • Update social media bios, settings, who I follow on Twitter, Pinterest boards, etc.
  • General accounts review – update address, CC info, password, etc. on websites like Amazon and Google
  • Organize Google Calendar, Wunderlist Lists, Pocket articles, who I follow on Feedly, etc.

Ugh…my mind just hurts thinking about even MORE time I’ll sink into doing things like this. But it’s worth it and I’ll feel better for having done it.

Hurry up, spring, I’m tired of cleaning.