We all go through phases in our lives. For example, for a random week I was oddly fascinated with Nicholas Cage and watched (almost) every (good) movie he was in. Samesies for Keanu Reeves.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Harry Potter. Obsessed. I didn’t just read all the books, oh no. I was at the midnight release of books 5-7. In particular for book 7, I got in line at 8:30am the day before the release just to get a ticket saying my number in the line. I had harry potter folders and keychains. I made Harry Potter friendship bracelets. I read Harry Potter fan fiction.

That was me in middle school basically.

As an adult, I at least like to think I’m beyond phases. When I make decisions or fall in love with something, I’m properly in love.

We all know where this is going.

Yes. Cue Sherlock. What we (including myself) all thought was a phase has turned into a proper passion (thanks for introducing Holmes to me as a child, Dad). I’m drawn in to Sherlock Holmes. His deductive skills are mind blowing. But more importantly (and sadly), I adore Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Holmes in the BBC adaption, Sherlock. And unlike all of my other past school girl fantasies of marrying Brad Pitt, I must say, I’m swept away by the person B.C. is. Obvs I don’t know him personally but he seems like an all around good person and I’m genuinely happy for and intrigued by him.

Cue the stalking. (I don’t really stalk him! …maybe).

I was listening to this clip on BBC radio 6 of this band B.C. apparently listen to and they said he listens to their music to get OUT of character (Sherlock). Which I found quite interesting. I wonder what kind of music he listens to get IN character.

And more importantly, what kind of music would Sherlock Holmes listen to?

Here follows my attempts to figure it out.