Happy Monday / The start of the Start Experiment!

To all the other Starters out there participating, below are two ideas for a web/blog badge. Two more in the works but I wanted to put these up! Tried to think of something that fit into the existing Start brand and was fun enough that you’d want to actually display it on your website. The images are .pngs and should retain their transparency so with the circular badge, whatever color your website/blog background is, it should show through! (If you’re having trouble with them or a need a different size, comment below or tweet me).

Start Badge Horizontal FINAL

Start Badge Square FINALThoughts? Hopefully I’ll have two more designs up tonight (the weekend got a little busier than I had planned so I wasn’t able to get all the ideas done in one sitting). If you like them…what next? Covers? Icons? T-shirts?!?!

Also…keep in mind, there are official Start wallpapers, cover images, icons, and even iPhone lock screens over on Jon Acuff’s website.

Have a great start of the week everyone!


7/15 – 19:41 edit –

Two more below!

Start Badge Simple FINAL                           Start Badge Vintage FINAL