See…told you I’d be blogging a lot, internet. But I’ll spare you from having two posts back to back within hours of each other and post this Saturday morning instead.

About 3 seconds ago I blogged about the fact that I hesitated to even ask the Start community if they wanted a blog/website badge to display (loud and proud baby).

I did. The post is below:

Start Post

See….I like affirmation. Positive reinforcement. Is this a bad idea disguised as a good one?

And then this string of comments followed:


First off, the fact that people even think it’s a good idea blows my mind. But second, I feel…I don’t know. Happy to have my idea recognized (although I’m moreeee than happy to let others take credit for things since I don’t particularly like being in the lime light). Third, I feel scared. What if I design something that’s complete crap? What if everyone is anticipating this amazing design and I fall short? It’ll be disappointing for everyone and I can’t even imagine how deflated I’d feel.

I guess it just comes down to designing something I love and hope others will too. I don’t claim to be the most creative person in the world…or the most fearless person…but in this situation I’m trying to be like my friend, Maria (over at The Style Letters). She gets HUGE opportunities every month to do great things with The Style Letters (coming up: the opening of Kate Spade in Cleveland that she’s hosting and that I and photog BFF Brittany Tripp are photographing). If I were her…I’m pretty sure I’d be so nervous I’d toss my cookies. I kind of feel like that right now thinking about photographing the event and this design…..But she handles every opportunity with grace and charm. They come, they go perfectly, and The Style Letters continues to grow.

I don’t know what I’m trying to grow or prove here. Maybe I shouldn’t have opened my mouth before I knew for sure I could deliver on my promise. But it’s done. And I’m excited over the potential this has. Potential to be great! Or potential to be a great flop.

I’ll be working on the design tomorrow (today since this’ll be posted Saturday) and I can’t wait to share it with the group. If it’s a great success I can only hope that all 2,600+ group members see it. If it’s a great let down I can only hope that it’ll get lost in the milieu of 2,600 other people’s posts.

Time to punch fear in the face.

Time to start.