Feeling: overwhelmed.

But I’m happy to say…at least for now…I’m not letting it get to me. Between a slew of BIG upcoming photoshoots (and previous ones that need to be edited), 2 website designs, and a host of other projects going on….PLUS the StartExp…whoa. These are all great things for me but…mind. Slow down.

I’ve literally started a Wunderlist of “Middle of the Night to-dos.” It’s where I’ll suddenly sit up in bed and go “XML Sitemap for BTs Website!” and then go back to sleep (well…90% of the time I’ll lay there for an hour thinking of a dozen more things to do from that).

That’s the thing with To-Do lists and brainstorming. They never end. And eventually it leads to feeling overwhelmed.

I’m trying to break my StartExp goal/risk into smaller segments to tackle but just like all the other things I have going on…for every one to-do I cross off, I add three more.

Cue the need to START. Seems obvious given the nature of this. Yes. I’m going to keep thinking of things to do. But spending all of my energy trying to write down every single minute detail of everything and then prioritzing and reprioritizing when I think of something else…it’s exhausting and keeping me up late, robbing me of quality sleep. (I have, however, been keeping up with my accountability buddy and completely the daily assignments).

So today’s goal? Calm down. “Easyyyyy killer” as my friend says to me all the time (because my enthusiasm escaltes quickly haha).

To all the other Starters, I hope you’re doing well on Day 3. Whatever your goal or risk might be, remember…you have the support of thousands. Thousands of brains to pick. Thousands to encourage you when you’re feeling so overwhelmed you want to give up.

Punch fear in the face and START.