“My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you so listen close.”

I’m not sure how many times I can tell the Italy/Stereo Hearts story but it bears repeating because it’s one of my favourite travel memories:

After landing in Rome at Ciampino airport, H and I had to take a bus an hour downtown (thanks, Easy Jet, for only flying into tiny crazy far away airports and keeping it cheap). Except the coaches only ran every hour. Of course we’d missed a bus not five minutes prior so we had to wait about 50 minutes. Lalala. The bus driver had the radio on. And Stereo Hearts came on. Random that they’re playing Gym Class Heroes in Italy.

BUT WAIT! It gets better!

We’re walking around THE VATICAN. Yes, we were in the Holy See (I had to make a pilgrimage and H got to see the Sistine Chapel. Win-win.) And I hear a guy whistling Stereo Hearts. What what. So I always associate Rome with Stereo Hearts.

Long story for a minor point.

“Thought love was dead but now you’re changing my mind.”

Anyway, today we celebrate the feast of Saint Valentine! I kicked it off last night by making red velvet cupcakes and watching Valentines Day (not as good as Love Actually, sorry.) Today we had a little birthday/Valentines day party and this evening I watched Bridget Jones’ Diary (Mr. Darcy…*swoon*).

You’re probably thinking…’oh my gosh this girl is so boring and lame, why is she telling me this?’

Because 90% of people in the world (yes, I took a survey, that’s an official number) fall very distinctly on either side of the line on this holiday. 1) I love Valentines day and my boyfriend. Kisses! Hearts! Yay! or 2) humbug. I hate happy couples. humbug. Valentines is a stupid “Hallmark” holiday anyway. *alone forever meme*

(Mini-rant starting:) Let’s get one thing straight: Valentines Day originated from Saint Valentine. And few things anger me more than when people complain about holidays that have Christian (*cough Catholic cough*) origins. You hate Valentines Day? Fine, then don’t celebrate/acknowledge it. (Moreover, you’re not Christian? Then why are you celebrating Christmas?! These people annoy me the most, but I won’t go there tonight). (End mini-rant).

The other point apart from my story of Stereo Hearts and mini-rant on religious holidays, is that you can fall in the 10% of the population who just celebrate love on Valentines Day.  It doesn’t have to be about flowers (I’m allergic, boys), chocolates, and big gestures or even Saint Valentine (except, really, it should). There are millions of people eating simple dinners with their special someone tonight. Taking the time to stop and recognize their love for each other.

While it’s so easy to think of all the horrible things in the world and to be angry or bitter…these crazy cute couples…kids with their cookies and school Valentines….they remind me that love is enough. Maybe I don’t have one particular person’s love. But love in the world, in all forms, is amazing. It’s powerful and moving. And it’s enough.


Happy Thursday! xx