Oh my stuff. So much stuff.

So this week I’m doing two things.

Starting yesterday I went through my hall closet, laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom and did  The Great Purge. Which included tossing old boxes and bags (that I’ve been keeping around for when I move), organizing items to be donated, consolidating the location of things (ie: all Christmas decor is finally together in the hall closet), and appropriately containerizing things (ie: all scarves are out of my Kate Spade bag and into a plastic bin).

Tonight I’m going to keep going with the sitting room, dining room, and kitchen.

And finally, the office will be it’s own evening.

The other side of getting rid of things is to try and not bring things in. So for the next two weeks (starting today and ending the 18th) I’m going to put a hold on spending.None of my bills are due, I have enough groceries to live off of (for a while!), and definitely don’t need anymore “things.” The ONLY exception is petrol for my car.

Hopefully in this time I’ll not only own less (and be more happy) but also have more money left over at the end of the month that  I can put into savings.

Let’s Go!