At this point in the game, it’s probably pretty obvious (said in the voice of Kenneth Branagh as Gildroy Lockhart in Chamber of Secrets) that I’m not a fan of driving. Getting lost, getting bored, and being stuck in a metal deathbox for 3 hours a day driving to and from work just isn’t at the top of my list of favourite things.

Today after work I thought I’d be adventurous and take the back entrance of Westgate down to Eastwood trying to get to Westwood (said in the voice of Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty in The Great Game). What a failure! I even satellite the course AND wrote down directions. AND I have GPS on my phone and built into my car!

I’m shaking my head at myself right now. Good thing in the city all streets are based on a grid system so eventually I made a loop back a few blocks and didn’t have to pull into someone’s driveway but geez! Thank goodness it was fairly late so no one was around watching me drive in circles for a bit.

Each day I drive through Fairview Park to get to work and it’s so lovely with its tree lined streets, kids waiting for the bus, and leaves waiting for pickup (which, for the record, I didn’t know the city provided a leaf vacuuming service…but it does in Cleveland!)

But a night? It’s a dimly lit jungle of cars parked on the curb and random stop signs.

I didn’t like it as much. But nothing is ever as good at night, is it? (Unless it’s a night cap or the stars).

And in other news…my DSLR is stuck in a FedEx sorting facility in Cleveland. I was tempted to just go there today and pick it up myself, if you’re allowed to do that. It’s not scheduled to be delivered to my house until Monday but it’s SO close!