It’s October 1st which means summer is officially over and FALL IS HERE.

And I don’t type that with excitement in my heart.

Yes, I love a good knee-high boot and I’m more than happy to start wearing my ice-skating penguin with a real pom-pom hat sweater again. But it’s cold. It’s dreary. I have to use a light to see into my closet in the morning because the sun isn’t quite up enough to provide natural lighting.

And I’m busy.

I’m so busy, internet.

Unlike last summer, filled to the brim with weekend adventures and vacations galore, this summer was filled with working, budgeting, and planning. Squeeze in friends and family, taking care of a household, and hustling on the side and I’m just an exhausted cat.


This fall will be no different. With more dinners planned, happy hours scheduled, and projects to launch than ever.

Instead of doing monthly goals (which always just depress me when I fall short) I’m doing seasonal goals. Well…kind of. There’s only October and November before winter begins (I don’t consider September fall though…)


Here’s my “Fall Goals”

  • Bake at least 1 pumpkin pie and 1 pumpkin roll (cream cheese filling….mmmmmm)
  • Go to Cuyahoga Valley park and photograph the leaves changing
  • Go to at least 2 fall festivals (I’m thinking the Apple Butter festival in two weekends and another one in November?)
  • Pick out a super fun Halloween costume and go to at least 1 Halloween party. It’s on a Saturday this year!
  • Get a PSL with my #1
  • Go to a pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins
  • Go to the movies at least twice…maybe even see a scary film
  • Work through as many fall/harvest/pumpkin ales as possible
  • Ditto with spiced cider
  • Possibly have Friendsgiving with my friends


  • Get my spending down even further (I was doing so good this month until the last few weeks)
  • Audit/clean out my digital things list (laptop, online accounts, etc.) Includes updating passwords, changing email and mailing addresses, etc.
  • “Spring” clean the house
  • Start assembling my Christmas card and Christmas gift list (gotta plan ahead so I can budget appropriately!)
  • Send a pack of Thank You cards around Thanksgiving
  • Lose some weight. Because let’s be honest. I gained like 10 pounds in the last few months. EW.


  • Just…all the Ab things
  • Launch EP
  • Do at least 1 creative design exercise a week
  • Edit backlog of photos and blog them/put them on Ab
  • UX Courses on Coursera
  • Join at least 1 creative website and become an active contributor
  • Launch an Etsy story for my photos and prints