Very rarely do I work (on anything) on Sunday nights. Let alone late on Sunday nights (yes, 10pm is late on a Sunday night for me).

But in this instance I’m in the mood to work anyway.

Cue Spotify.

Lately I’ve been searching for playlists with phrases. For instance, just now I searched “Sunday Night” to see what came up.


This playlist exists.

I organized it by artist just to see who was on it and I was sold as soon as I saw Alt-J.

But let’s also not forget that this person has put Daft Punk, Jake Bugg, MGMT, M83, Mumford and Sons, Panic! at the Disco, Passion Pit, Radical Face and yes dear God…..The xx on this playlist as well.

{Can we just take a minute to talk about how obsessed I am with Intro by The xx? There used to exist on YouTube a 10 hour seamless edit of the song (it normally runs at 2 minutes 7 seconds) that I would listen to literally all day at work. Here’s a 4-hour version just in case you’re looking.}

In my books, this is definitely an EXCELLENT Sunday night playlist. Well done, Carl Fletcher.

Happy Sunday