Sometimes the weekends approach in such an unspectacular way that they often remind me of this line from Romeo and Juliet:

“O single-soled jest, solely singular for the singleness.”

A weekend worthy of note solely because it’s the weekend.

Which I won’t complain about. I looove a good weekend or two of no certain plans. Probably eating out a time or two. Probably sleeping in. Probably cleaning something. Usually going to the grocery store. It’s these two blessed unscheduled days that make the other five highly-scheduled days bearable.

This last week was particularly taxing since I was traveling a bit for work so Friday when I got home I did my classic “Friday Clean” and decided against making dinner since I made a big dinner the previous night. That turned out to be a good decision because we went to Hofbrauhaus for dinner.

Normally I’m not a fan of being sat next to strangers dining hall style while I eat and while music so loud you can’t talk to your dinner partner plays but we got lucky and were seated at the end of a table by ourselves and right in front of the band.


And I can’t be mad with a liter of beer in my hands.


I had higher hopes for Saturday (cat-urday) since I woke up at 7am (as great and also terrible habit of my body) but instead of getting out of bed and doing chores until my boyfriend woke up…I stayed in bed and watched the first few episodes of Fuller House. Andrea Barber reprising her role is so great!

We were failures on trying to decide if we wanted to go to the movies or not and ended up instead going out to eat where we’d decide if we still wanted to go to the movies. We vended up going to the craft store and to the grocery store (they were all in the same plaza, after all).

At the craft store I bought some things to make a tiny spring flower arrangement for our table (because SPRING is coming! Sound the alarm…). I think total for everything but the rice this cost $6.


After that we went to the grocery store and solidified our plans for the night: buy popcorn butter and watch a Criterion film at home. The first Criterion film we watched a few weeks ago was Elevator to the Gallows (1957) and, internet, if you like cunning plot driven films, WATCH THIS. After much scouring we settled on Diabolique (1955) as our next film from the collection and it was seriously in every way just as good as the first. I would have never guessed the ending! And I like my films that way. (Side note: both films are in French with English subtitles).

Sunday the weather was the nicest it’s been so far since winter started which meant I had the windows open all day. (Oh okay maybe I opened them initially because I was making pancakes and the butter burned).

In the late afternoon we went to Pour to work a little and decided to walk down to the lake instead of heading home afterwards. It was genuinely too beautiful out to go home!


After our nice long walk we stopped at Heinen’s and bought things to make homemade spaghetti and meatballs…and I literally mean 100% from scratch. We even made the pasta!


After dinner we watch Alfred Hitchcok Presents and then the weekend was over.

And it was one damn good weekend.

I can’t wait for the next weekend of mysterious adventures with my #1.