Internet, can I tell you a secret? I’ve been a fake morning person for years.

I’ve been springing out of bed the split second my alarm goes off and hustling through my morning routine as fast as possible (check weather/email/traffic, bathroom, get dressed, pack bags and lunch, kiss goodbye, walk out door).

I endure a long commute to work and when I get to work I start a second morning routine (put lunch away, make coffee, check email while I eat a bagel).

All of which I do WIDE AWAKE. And by the time the second or third cup of coffee wears off I realize that I am not in fact a morning person. I’m a coffee addict. But not a morning person.

I want to be a morning person. I want to be the person who wakes up at 5am and hits the gym before replying to every email I get and reading an entire book before 9am. I want to be the person who works non-stop all day and then goes home to magically clean the entire house AND make dinner before 7pm. And then blessedly somehow finds time and motivation to work even more before reading another book and going to bed.

I know being a morning person is one of those “traits” successful people supposedly have. I know the business people and authors I admire are morning people. And I’m finding out the older I get that you kind of just have to wake up early to get things done because days and nights fill up so quickly.

But HOW? How do you get anything done before 8am without coffee? How do you forge onward when your coffee wears off?! 

(Yes yes I know exercising makes you more awake and eating healthy snacks gives you energy…)

Obviously I’m writing this out of sheer desperation to want to work but facing a brick wall I want to slump up against and sleep because my coffee wore off and I was SO ALERT OMG SO PRODUCTIVE this morning and I still want to be.

We’ll see how the rest of the evening goes. But if anyone has an “baby step” suggestions for actually being a real morning person, not a fake coffee fueled one like me, I’d appreciate them.