Let’s talk about psychology for a second, shall we?

A while back I was listening to my favorite podcast, Catholic Stuff You Should Know. (If you’re not Catholic or religious at all, stay with me here, I won’t mention it again). Their February 6 topic of discussion was the Four Temperaments.

If you don’t know what the four temperaments are it’s basically your personality based on how quickly and deeply you respond to things.

Sanguine (quickly, shallowly) – Extroverted, nothing’s felt really deeply, not taken too seriously, relational, forgiving  (but vain, superficial, inability for solitude, lacks perseverance)

Phlegmatic (slowly, shallowly) – Introverted, basically don’t react to anything, never upset, level headed, clear thinkers, go with the flow, prudent in decision making (but incredibly lazy and unproductive)

Choleric (quickly, deeply) – Extroverted, passionate, dominant, good leaders, decisive, task oriented, (but impatient, can run people over)

Melancholic (slowly, deeply) – Introverted, delayed reaction, intensely loyal, intuitive, patient, in touch with emotions, (but broody, open for introspective collapse)

If you know me even a little, you know I’m melancholic 75% of the time. I tend to think about everything…a lot. But then if this is at all possible, I can also be choleric, especially when traveling. I tend to take control of situations and make decisions. I fall in love with things quickly and passionately. My entire flat from the rugs to the lamp shades are all things I saw and instantly knew I had to have. No thinking involved, which makes it a place I 100% love to be.

So clash of Titans (and cue Alicia Keys) last month when I went a little bi-polar and jumped between the two a few times. Days of intense introspection (check earlier on the bloggity, it’s probably evidant) and then days where I was blissfully happy for no reason.

I’m sitting in between for now and have filled my days with an obsession for working out (2, sometimes 3 if I can manage, times a day) and projects. So. Many. Projects. Because I might not know answers to all my burning life questions but I can’t keep losing sleep over them either. Idle hands are the devils handiwork, right? So I’m indulging all my passions for photography, travel, writing, work, and design plus some new ones like videography. And I feel empowered by Alicia Key’s song Girl On Fire (which apparently is old news but since I don’t listen to the radio I just heard it for the first time last week), minus the part about being hotter than a fantasy. Can you imagine? No. Me either. We’ll save that line for the Beyonce’s of the world.

She’s just a girl and she’s on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
She’s living in a world and it’s on fire
Filled with catastrophe, but she know she can fly away

She’s got both feet on the ground
And she’s burning it down.
She’s got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down.

But what this really comes down to, internet, is that the highs and lows of February have knocked me around and now March is shaping up to be better than the last two. Can this year just keep getting better and better? I’d love that.

Have a happy Saturday night, xx