Admittedly, it can sometimes get us in a pickle when we spend too much time daydreaming or we can’t leave the daydream behind and come back to reality.

But daydreaming is important.

It stretches our creativity. Fires up our imagination.

Makes us happy.

Yesterday and today I’ve spend a fair amount of time getting lost in my own happy thoughts. Thinking up random scenarios that have a 0.005% chance of actually happening.

On the average day, I unwittingly fritter away a lot of time just thinking. (Who’d’ve thought?) I turn things over and over in my head. Even down to the direction keys turns in doors. Replacing maddening thoughts with daydreams has made life a little brighter though.

Instead of tearing my hair out over something I have no control over and have already placed in my mental filing cabinet, why not have a little  chuckle over dancing down the streets of Paris with the man I fancy?

The best part about daydreaming is that it takes approximately 3 seconds…just little flashes of something that could be…that you hope will be…that bring a quick smile to your face…and then it’s back to work.

Tomorrow I hope a fabulous little daydream pops into your head.

Have a great Wednesday evening, xx

P.S. I never realized that people actually read my blog. Every like and comment literally blows my mind because, seriously, I have the most crap random thoughts, a bizarre writing style, and sub-par editing skills. So if you read this post, or any other on this blog, thank you. I hope you enjoy what is basically my life diary.