^^ The first Beatles song I think I ever heard? Not counting Let It Be when we sang it in like…3rd grade.

Work affords me many opportunities, whether it be traveling for a job, pay so I can travel on my own time, or just time in general.

Yesterday, we left the office a whole two hours early (having been told do so, that is! We don’t just leave early…ever). This meant I had time to go to the library down the street and browse without fear of it closing (it usually does by the time I get off work). I then beat rush hour home and went to visit my sister at work since it’s kind of on the way.

But here comes the best part. By some flaw, I cannot follow slow drivers. I just can’t. And yesterday I was 6 cars behind a pretty slow tanker truck. It was a pretty busy road and no one was going to pass so at the first opportunity I had, I got brave and turned down a jank side street heading due west in the wrong direction. The WAY wrong direction. iPhone maps are notoriously bad for directions but I figured…it’s early. It’s friday. Why not get lost for a bit?

Even more than following slow drivers, I hate being lost (except in Europe…I loved getting lost at Uni). I get all nervous and scared and panic that I’m never going to get home but I was relatively close and I had GPS in my car and on my iPhone so I just drove. Car wasn’t going to run out of gas anytime soon. So I just drove and drove. I missed a bunch of turns that were supposed to get me back on the right roads because I have a penchant for speeding and it’s pretty hard to read road signs when you’re fling at 80 MPH down a narrow back road….

I admit, I was bit nervous because no one knew where I was and I was lost…but I turned the music up, put the windows down (and opened the sun room) and kept trucking. There was a scary big hill with a sign like this at the top of it:

And you really couldn’t see down the hill so at the top I slowed down a bit, looked down the hill (it was REALLY steep) kind of estimated the curves, and took my foot off the breaks and just coasted.

I don’t need roller coasters or storm chasing for a thrill…just a big hill and a winding road down.

GPS was clearlyyyy confused on the direction I was heading because it kept telling me to turn around and go the known route home but I kept driving West…It would figure it out eventually, right? (Wrong…for the most part. It told me to turn left on a road that curved to the right where you kind of had to follow the curve around…and there was a truck there so I had to otherwise I would’ve just left my lane and turned left).

I ended up going through several small towns, flying down narrow roads in the middle of the lane (to avoid pot holes), and passing a HS that I KNOW is very very far west of where I was.

Made it home eventually though.

Part of the winding road downhill…